Lunchtime essentials

Some children often go to school without lunch, and in some cases, school lunch might be the only meal they get all day. It’s difficult to learn if you’re hungry and eating plays an important part in helping a child concentrate throughout the day.

Samp and beans, porridge
Samp and beans, porridge 7
Fruit 7
Juice, sandwich
Juice, sandwich 15
Cutlery 12

A little more about Sanlam Blue Ladder Schools

As Wealthsmiths™, we believe that Every One Counts. Every school changed and every child educated is a success that will positively impact the economy. To date, 71 693 learners from 75 schools benefit from the improvements and upgrades undertaken by the Sanlam Blue Ladder Schools project.

Together, we can uplift our children and South Africa today and for generations to come.

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